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Amazon sets up placeholder for the iPad


9to5Mac points to an Amazon placeholder that suggests Amazon is indeed preparing for sales of the iPad. The placeholder lists all six models of the iPad. Currently Amazon customers cannot order the device, but may be notified via email when the iPad is ready for order. The placeholder site states that the iPad can be shipped only within the U.S. (sorry overseas readers) and lists no date of availability. The placeholder page currently lists four reviews from people who have never touched the device.

Though the iPad competes directly with the Kindle, it makes perfect sense for Amazon to sell the device. The iPad is sure to be one of the hottest tech devices this year and will no doubt top Amazon's Bestsellers in Computer & Accessories list later in 2010. Besides revenue from the hardware, Amazon expects to profit from the iPad by selling its Kindle books through a dedicated iPad Kindle app. The more iPads sold, the greater potential revenue Amazon can achieve. Amazon also unveiled its Kindle for Mac desktop app a little over a week ago.

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