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ASUS cramming USB 3.0 into Eee PC line, N Series laptops, loads more

Darren Murph

USB 3.0 is slowly but surely popping up on more and more new machines, but finding a rig with SuperSpeed support is still a chore. ASUS is working hard to make sure that finding the good stuff is easy when looking at its wares, and judging by the support it has already shown for the protocol, we actually have reason to believe 'em. The company has just issued a rather gloat-filled press release extolling the virtues of supporting USB 3.0 in every facet of their product line, but it's the breakdown that really has us interested. We already heard that the Eee Box 1510U and 1210U would support the format, along with the N Series of laptops and Eee PC 1018/1015/1016. There's also a full slate of mainboards that have joined the party, and we get the impression that every Eee PC from here on out will do the same. Imagine that -- the company credited with sparking the netbook revolution, now sparking the USB 3.0 netbook revolution. Fitting, no?

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