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Sony Canada prices 3DTVs for June, Samsung models available at FutureShop


While the U.S. SonyStyle site continues to sit on information about 3DTV pricing, its cousin to the north has already listed the edge LED lit LX900 and HX800 series LCDs for pre-order, while Samsung 3DTVs have also hit shelves at FutureShop. Due in June (no need to rush the maple syrup season) the LX900 is out of the box 3D ready with integrated IR emitter and two pairs of glasses, for as little as $2,999 for a 40-inch going up to $5,499 for the 60-inch edition. As the same time, those looking to be merely 3D ready in case of another hockey matchup can opt for the also edge LED lit HX800 (glasses and emitter sold separately) available in 40-, 46- and 55-inch sizes for $2,599.99, $2,999.99, and $3,799.99 respectively. Hard to say what this means for the U.S. pricing, a quick look at other HDTVs reveals differences ranging from nothing to several hundred dollars and even for Canucks there's still no word on the LED backlit HX900 versions so we'd keep the wallet holstered until there's some sort of TSN 3D announcement.

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