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Warhammer Online streamlines trial transition

Eliot Lefebvre

It's been a while since Warhammer Online moved to an unlimited free trial, allowing players to experience the Tier 1 game without any time restrictions. It seems to have been a pretty good move for the game, and they're obviously happy enough with how it's been going to sweeten the deal for trial players. Previously, players would have to purchase a full copy of the game to continue with their adventures; now, they just need to start up a monthly subscription. The first month will be billed and the player's account will immediately be unlocked for the entire game.

Of course, it's not quite the same as buying an official copy -- you don't get the extra free month of gameplay, nor any of the actual peripherals in the box. But it's a good step to making Warhammer Online more accessible for players who enjoy the trial and want to jump right in. Considering that there's been recent positive talk about both the reaction to the unlimited trial and the possibilities of an expansion, here's hoping that the easier barrier to entry is a step toward revitalizing the game.

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