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AT&T's Palm Pixi Plus granted the FCC's best wishes

Chris Ziegler

Alright, kiddies, gather 'round, because it's time for everyone's favorite class: Palm Model Codes 101. As you might recall from Sunnyvale's previous exploits in the FCC's system, P101 devices are Pres, while P121s are Pixis. That part of the code is followed by a three-character string indicating the radio type: EWW for CDMA, UEU for European GSM, and UNA for North American GSM. Using everything we know there, we can safely deduce that the P121UNA that just crossed the wires is the AT&T-branded version of the Pixi Plus, a device that we know to be hitting shelves "in the coming months." Whether FCC certification was one of the roadblocks in getting it launched is a mystery, but it certainly can't hurt the process, can it?

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