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First look: Ambrosia's Mondo Solitaire and Aki Mahjong for iPad


Ambrosia Software CEO Andrew Welch kindly sent over these sneak peaks at two of their upcoming iPad titles, namely Mondo Solitaire and Aki Mahjong. As you can see, both titles have been written exclusively for the iPad to take advantage of the larger screen size.

I haven't personally played either game on the iPhone but after watching these videos, I'm definitely looking forward to trying them out -- especially the solitaire app. I think the table-based pick-the-game interaction is a little inelegant but the actual card play looks appealing.

As for the Mahjong game, which follow in the Read More section, it addresses my biggest issue with iPhone-based tile games, namely size. Game play is going to be so much better than on the cramped iPhone screen. Although there are several excellent Mahjong offerings currently on App Store, I never felt comfortable using those games with so few pixels.

Both card games and tile games will really benefit from the iPad's better geometry and it's ability to approximate real-world sizes of these tangible objects. How will these to play in real life? These videos give a taste of what's to come.

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