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Lost Pages of Taborea: A WoW player's guide to Runes of Magic, Part 2


Daily Quests

These are a staple in RoM and aid leveling. They're also the main source for obtaining Phirius tokens -- a currency to buy certain things in the game. When my goal is leveling, I do dailies first, then regular quests. You can do up to ten a day, and they can be found on bulletin boards located in every major hub. If you find yourself just wanting quick tokens, you can go back and do dailies from any zone. You also don't have to go and accept any dailies in order to collect the drops, so you can double up on your goals.

Arcane Transmuter

This is the magic box that will let you do a lot of upgrading to weapons and armor. There are many ways to go about upgrading, and many uses for the AT. Runes drop everywhere and contain stats on them, or items drop with some stats that can be transferred to other items. You'll use fusion stones to take stats off one piece of equipment -- for later adding to another -- or combine and mix runes to come up with more powerful ones. Combining fusion stones embedded with stats also yields mana stones which can raise an item's tier, giving a bonus to the item's base attributes.

This is all done with the Arcane Transmuter. It's an integral part of RoM and can get especially important for PvPers and those running the raid circuit. Everyone gets an AT accessed from the bottom of the bag window.

There's still another way to upgrade items that isn't done with the AT, but should be mentioned. You can buy jewels with a chance at adding a plus value to any item.


All the fundamentals of crafting apply: gathering, refining and the actual crafting itself. Unless you somehow never ever crafted in WoW, you'll feel at home in RoM. The difference is you aren't limited to how many professions you can take. Instead, you have level brackets that allow so many professions within each one. You can master one to the highest level, but still choose to take three to the next highest level bracket, and still choose others for another, lower bracket.


RoM has an instanced housing feature that almost makes us want to seek a career on the Home and Garden channel. Every player gets a house to decorate with furniture and put various types of storage in.

Another mechanic, utilized by staying in your house, is the furniture bonus. Think of it as rest. You place bonus-enabled furniture in your house to grow a pool of bonus experience and talent points. Staying in your house builds up this bonus. The more furniture placed, the faster the bonus will build up -- while logged off, too. Next time you're out killing, each mob rewards you with more experience and TP that comes out of this pool of built-up bonus.


Many guild operations are the same as in WoW. You can set ranks and permissions. There's even room to write multiple guild notices. RoM has guild levels that require donations of resources to raise. The most striking difference is that RoM has guild castles. These are large, spacious, instanced areas for guilds to share. They are rather impressive and have a number of functions. Besides offering a lot of space to decorate, inside and out, the castle holds the guild vault, and it's a place for guilds to duke it out.

Guilds are getting a lot of love in RoM, and siege wars are the newest installment of guild vs. guild. A guild can lay siege to another guild's castle to reap rewards and have a lot of fun in the process. Catapults and other weapons will aid you in conquering your opponents keep. There's a construction feature that lets players use resources to create small structures that surround and help the castle. These buildings have levels, and can be damaged by opponents, resulting in wins for opponents and rebuilding for you. These are some nice incentives to join or create a guild.


There are some other minor differences between RoM and WoW, like the ability to get a mount at the start. The game does a pretty good job of holding your hand in that respect, as well as others.. Many new players also tend to overlook an entire huge zone. When you get your second class, you'll get a free teleport skill to Reifort Camp. This is another low level zone that may have been intended for people to level their secondary. However, most players miss it and quickly level both classes beyond the need for all those low level quests. We recommend checking it out early.

Many players have said RoM is "WoW for free". On some levels, that can't be denied. When first starting, it gives you a lot of familiar WoW feelings, but once you keep playing you'll start to see its unique qualities flourish and see that it stands on its own as a great MMORPG.

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