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After Burner Climax takes off April 21 on XBLA; April 22 on PSN


Not many of us have the good fortune of taking a soak in a hot tub time machine and waking up in 1986, the year the fighter jet pilot officially became the raddest job on the planet. Fewer still know the whereabouts of a decent arcade that has an After Burner Climax cabinet, the 2006 revival of Sega's classic air combat franchise. Thankfully, in less than a month, all of us can experience the glory of stopping a nuclear inferno from within the cockpit.

Sega of America has dated the Xbox Live Arcade release of After Burner Climax for April 21, followed by an April 22 release on PSN. [Update: Sega Europe Ltd. has confirmed the same release dates for Europe.] The publisher did not announce a price for the downloadable title, but the Japanese version was previously priced at the $10 equivalent.

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