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Breakfast Topic: Game over man! Game over!

Matthew Unwin

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World of Warcraft
has been out for over five years now and if you have been playing since launch it's probably hard to imagine a day where the patches stop coming. It's a scary thought that WoW would someday cease to exist. Sure Blizzard would probably launch World of Warcraft 2 and in that sense the World of Warcraft would still exist, but that doesn't give me any comfort with the idea that some day my current characters will basically be gone. All the time and effort, all the experiences, all the friends, guild mates, armor, addons, slash commands, everything that we have done, will one day end. I really don't like the idea of a world without the World of Warcraft for many reasons.

Sure there will be people saying, "It's just a game!" but this kind of thinking truly shows how emotionally connected we have become to something that is "just a game."

I am sure Blizzard will keep the servers up for years to come, but the content will one day stop and eventually the servers will go down. Maybe it's so far off no one will care, but right now the idea is sad and scary. Can you imagine that day? How do you feel about one day losing WoW? Could you handle it and just move to another game or do you want WoW to be around forever?

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