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First Look: Carter's Encyclopedia of Health and Medicine for iPad


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When I first heard about Carter's Encyclopedia of Health and Medicine, I thought: "Why aren't they just publishing this on the iBooks store?" After all, what can an app offer that an actual iBook won't? This video offers some answers. Instead of just a static book, this app provides searchable interactive skeletons (cute touch!), a topic-specific search history, and of course, all of the medical detail that a hypochondriac could wish for.

The video shown here was provided by Keith Ahern, the CEO of mogeneration, an Australian development company. I'm a little surprised that so many developers are going head-to-head with the iBooks arena, but with a niche area like a medical reference, it looks like Carter's has a chance to stand its ground. This encyclopedia offers a beautiful reference work, but it may struggle with its relatively limited feature set when compared to a normal iBook offering.

Carter's Encylopedia will debut at a $9.99 price point on the iPad App Store.

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