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LG BL40 gets fancy gold lettering, not much else for Russian special edition

Chris Ziegler

Remember that fancy schmancy Christmas Edition of the LG BL40-alike for South Korea's domestic market, the SU630? No? Well, allows us to refresh your memory: the phone took the BL40's basic ultra-wide 21:9 theme and added some gold accents along with an 8 megapixel cam, upgraded from the standard model's 5. Well, here we are a few short months later, and those same gold accents have made another appearance -- this time on an authentic BL40 in Russia, but sadly sans the upgraded camera. It's not clear who's carrying the tweaked model or how many rubles you'll be shelling out for the pleasure, but honestly, didn't the original black / red scheme look gobs sexier anyhow?

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