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Xbox 360 Fancast 159 -- Doin' the Hashtag Shuffle


PAX East has come to an end, and the whole X3F crew is back together again. In a manner of speaking anyway. We've got two major segments this week. First, Richard grills Alexander and Dave about the magic that was PAX -- as well as some of the news that broke during the show. And second, since Xav was still on the road back to Canadia during recording, we've got a pre-recorded fireside chat with him hosted by Alexander. At the very least, you'll learn never to forget who Angie Harmon is.

Oh, we take some questions via the #x3f hashtag on Twitter. Keep an eye on our Twitter accounts (listed below) next Monday around 11:00am ET when we call for questions for the next show.

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Hosts: Richard Mitchell (SenseiRAM, @senseiram), Alexander Sliwinski (Sli Xander, @xandersliwinski), Xav de Matos (Snypz, @xav) and Dave Hinkle (KnifefightYaDad, @davehinkle)

Music: Intro/Outro: "Electromooq" by Uma Floresta.

For fans: Xbox 360 Fancast Facebook group

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