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Artist sells iPad art to buy an iPad


This is the kind of thing that's just clever enough to work once. Artist Andrew Fulton really wants an iPad (as do most of us), but he doesn't have the money to get one (likewise). So he's decided to try and sell some iPad-related art to raise money for his iPad. For as little as US$20 (just a duotone drawing) or as high as $125 (a full-color strip), you can commission and get an original piece of iPad-related artwork, drawn just for you. He's got a sample page of drawings, and while taste is always subjective, I have no doubt that he'll be able to get the iPad he wants.

Funny little idea, and maybe if you're willing to subsidize another iPad purchase and like his style, you can pick up a nice piece of original art for yourself. In the meantime, if anyone needs any iPad-related fiction, I'd be happy to put down a few thousand words for, say, $499 ...

[via Super Punch]

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