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Japanese site updates on Final Fantasy XIV races

Eliot Lefebvre

When the races for Final Fantasy XIV were announced, the response was a little muted. After all, by all accounts they were just the same races we had seen in Final Fantasy XI with better models and new names. The slight differences revealed here and there via lore didn't amount to much more than speculative changes with no impact on gameplay. But that seems to be a bit further off the mark than expected, as the Japanese site for the game has updated with information about all ten races. Yes, ten. Fansites FFXIVCore and Eorzeapedia have translated the pages, showing that the different groups of a given race are more distinct than seemed possible.

Each of the five races appears to be split into two groups -- Hyurans, for instance, are divided into the large and muscular highlanders alongside the more communal and common midlander. While it's not said how much stats will differ, if at all, it's strongly implied that different subgroups will be balanced in different directions a la Final Fantasy XI. There's a full rundown of the translated information here, along with a gallery highlighting the differences. Final Fantasy XIV is quickly shaping up to be full of surprises, so we can only guess at what might be next.

[ Thanks to FusionX for the tip! ]

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