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PAX East 2010: A closer look at the Fallen Earth iPhone app

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Just a few short weeks ago, the Massively staff descended on GDC in San Francisco, sending back all sorts of new information from MMO-land. One of the most exciting things we came across that week was from Icarus Studios. The minds behind Fallen Earth have been working in every direction on their game: joining Facebook, planning for a Mac client, and joining the ever-growing list of games that will be adding an iPhone app.

We brought you a detailed overview of the app from GDC back then, and we were lucky enough to spend some more time with Dave Haydysch, Fallen Earth's Project Manager, at PAX last week. We got a look at the upcoming content for Fallen Earth as well as a closer peek at the iPhone app. We've got some brand new images of the app, and the guys over at Lagwar got something even better: video! Check out the gallery below, and follow along after the jump for the video. We think you'll agree with us that this app can't get here fast enough!

Gallery: Fallen Earth iPhone app screenshots | 11 Photos

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