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Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions: The Wish List

Justin McElroy

So, we know that two of the four slots for alternate realities in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions will be filled by the classic Peter Parker from Amazing Spider-Man and the 1930s take of Spider-Man: Noir. But we're totally in the dark about the remaining two continuities that will be featured.

So, since it's anybody's guess, we thought we'd make a few of our own. Excelsior!

Spider-Man: India

Why it would work: Pavitr Prabhakar's native Mumbai could present a really interesting counterpoint to the old-timey grit of Noir. Plus, his costume could be a thing of beauty in motion, if animated right.

Why it wouldn't: The shoes. We know, they're traditional, but it's going to be hard to feel like a tough guy while wearing slippers.

Spider-Man 2099

Why it would work: Besides a totally bitching and iconic costume, Miguel O'Hara's claws could make for some pretty visceral additions to Spidey's aresenal.

Why it wouldn't: Everybody knows that the future is so 5 minutes ago.

Zombie Spider-Man

Why it would work: Listen, Activision's mama didn't raise no dummy, and if the publisher knows one thing, it's that zombies sell. Heck, look at Call of Duty: World at War!

Why it wouldn't: Adorable as they may be, the Marvel Zombies have a bad habit of eating everything in their path. Fun, but not great for a video game hero, save for the obvious.

Spider-Man: 1602

Why it would work: Like his Indian counterpart, Peter Parquagh lives in a world that would be a lot of fun to explore (Elizabethan Europe and America), and one that's pretty drastically different than the urban jungles of Amazing and Noir.

Why it wouldn't: The collar. Listen 1602, we get it. We do. This is the world you live in. That's the very latest. But if India has to change his footwear, couldn't you at least go with a nice cravat?


Why it would work: Sorry, is it not obvious? He's Spider-Man ... but a pig. What part of that isn't self-evidently rad?

Why it wouldn't: ... Sorry, we've got nothing. This one's a lock.
[All images courtesy of Marvel]

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