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The Incredibles powering their way into LittleBigPlanet

Kevin Kelly

How adorable is this? Just when you thought you might be done Sackboying around, they find a way to suck you right back in. This time it's a Disney/Pixar inspired Incredibles costume and level packs coming on April 8th. According to the PlayStation blog, "This huge pack features NINE costumes: all of The Incredibles family (including a "Retro" Mr. Incredible sporting his classic blue costume), their allies Frozone and Edna Mode, and their arch nemesis, Syndrome."

You'll be able to purchase individual costumes as well, and download the Incredibles Level Kit that includes locations from the movie, and all the materials used to make it. Pixar may not have given us a sequel to The Incredibles yet, but now you can make your own. We can't wait to see what Syndrome looks like. Is Disney going to move their entire universe into LBP some day? Pirates of the Caribbean vs. The Incredibles, here we come. Dibs on Dash.

[Thanks, Conor]

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