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Ask Engadget HD: Best remote with WiFi & EPG?


We've always preferred our program guides up on the screen where our eyes already were, but having a list to skim over without squeezing the action into a corner or hiding it behind text is too appealing for some to give up. So what do you do if you're like Jorge stuck using a remote rendered useless without its EPG info from Philips?

"My Philips WiFi RC9800i remote's screen EPG service was terminated on 03/01/2010. I can't find the tvCompass remote for sale anywhere, which in theory has the same feature, so I was wondering, is there any other remote control, current or recently discontinued, that includes an EPG feature? Is there a remote with an EPG updated from TitanTV?"

We spotted the tvCompass ESPN branded remote in stock at Target for a smooth $299, but is that really the best alternative? We guess there's always an app or two available for your mobile device of choice, but universal remote functionality would likely still be missing. So, outside of buying a high end Samsung TV or waiting for Sling's Touch Control 100, what's the best option?

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