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Atlantica adds Empress Himiko, teleportation

Jef Reahard

Free-to-play fantasy MMORPG maker Ndoors has just announced a new patch for Atlantica Online. The update brings a wide range of new features including a new Mercenary (Himiko), new Mercenary-only fashion accessories, and the ability to trade in unwanted mounts, decor, and clothing in exchange for AT Points.

Ndoors has also added the Decoration Book, in addition to the pre-existing Mount and Clothing Books, which will allow players to store their decorations as well as earn further Collection Points. Also, players can now earn new magic skill books by trading their elements to the Jules de Goncourt NPC.

Equipment repair has also been streamlined in the new update via changes to the Atlas Ore system. Atlas Ore fragments are now all that is necessary to repair equipment, and they can now be obtained by dismantling full Ores. Finally, the folks at Ndoors have given players a map save location, enabling teleports anywhere on the map.

Check out the patch notes for full details.

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