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Greenberg promises surprises from first-year Natal games


Aaron Greenberg, product manager for Xbox Live and Xbox 360, told Edge magazine (excerpted by CVG) to expect a wide variety of games in Project Natal's lineup. Well, actually, the way he puts it, you can't expect it: "I think people will be surprised even in the first year by the variety of experiences you'll get," he said, also noting that the company has "thought out the portfolio years in advance." We'll be able to evaluate the variety of that early lineup at Microsoft's E3 Natal event, according to previous statements made by the company.

Seemingly transforming into Bizarro Reggie, Greenberg went on to channel the Nintendo promoter's gift of gab as he espoused the wonders of the Natal platform. "The beauty of Natal is that it brings you, male or female, young or old, an experience that everyone can enjoy," he said. "Whether it's gaming experiences or lifestyle experiences, everything we're doing in the design is about thinking of a way anyone can step in front of it and be able to use it in a matter of seconds."

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