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Have an iPad reservation? Your "pick up" email has arrived


Those of us who reserved our iPads for pickup at a nearby Apple Store have been reading about all of the UPS and FedEx shipping notices that were sent with envy. Now we have something we can get excited about! Squeeeeee!

This morning, Apple sent out emails to anyone who had reserved an iPad, basically telling us what we already knew -- the iPad will be waiting for us from 9 AM until 3 PM on Saturday at a specific Apple Store, that the reservation will be held only until 3 PM, and that after that time, it's up to you to fight in a to-the-death cage match for one. Well, it doesn't say the last thing, but it does say that sales will be "first-come, first-served basis while supplies last."

In case you have an extremely bad memory, Apple has thoughtfully provided a small reminder of what model of Wi-Fi iPad you reserved as well.

Note to reservees: be sure to print out your reservation email, laminate it, and carry it around until you actually pick up your iPad on Saturday. It will make you look like a true Apple fanboy.

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