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Mabinogi's Easter Egg-scavation


If Easter has taught us anything, it's that chicken eggs are an odd but reliable source of candy. This is generally not good press for chickens, as they already suffer from being tasty and associated with cowardice. Nexon's Mabinogi hopes that your Easter egg hunting skills are strong and sharp, as they invite players to participate in an egg hunt to end all egg hunts.

It turns out that these aren't ordinary eggs, either. Laid by the fabled hens of Erinn, their eggs occasionally come out (why not) fossilized. It's these fresh-yet-ancient eggs that demand attention, as players will extract their stony yolk in search of an iconic Easter Egg Capsule. These capsules contain (why not) candy, which, when eaten, bestows the adventurous eater with various stat bonuses and unanswered questions as to which came first: the chicken or the petrified egg.

Start your egg-scavating by heading over to the Mabinogi website and firing up this colorful MMO.

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