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Survey says cable's VOD is the big winner in digital distribution

Ben Drawbaugh

You have a hard time finding someone who believes that packaged media won't die some day, but there are plenty of theories as to what will replace it. Some believe it'll be some sort of internet delivery that'll free us from discs, but a recent survey from Centris tells a different story. First off discs are still king as almost 36 million rented a new release, and 31 million choose to buy 'em. Digital actually did pretty good by making up a third of the pie, but of those 32 million households, only 4 million did it via the internet, while the lion's share went to on demand at 18 million. All this is interesting stuff and while no one knows how it'll turn out, it is hard to see the cable companies loosing their grip on this one as well.

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