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The Daily Blues


Each day will take you through all the blue posts and other Blizzard news from around the internet. From Ghostcrawler's latest posts to the lowdown on StarCraft II and Diablo III, we'll keep you informed.

Dubito ergo cogito ergo sum.

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Ghostcrawler -- Revenge change
In the interest of avoiding the unflattering scent of stealth nerf, allow me to post that we are going to make that change (one Revenge per proc) I suggested above.

Ghostcrawler -- I crit...
... therefore I am?

Ghostcrawler -- Stealth Nerfs
Pretty much. Remember logging on that wonderful Tuesday and all of a sudden Exorcism couldn't be used on players anymore? That was a good stealth nerf.

I guess you are using "stealth nerf" as synonymous with "nerf." My general impression of the use of the term "stealth nerf" is that the developers decide to sneakily change a spell or an ability in a way players won't immediately recognize and have to explore and math out. For example, if we thought Exorcism did too much damage, we might lower its coefficient. Players might notice, but it would take a lot of testing before anyone was convinced. Someone mentioned the Windfury ICD above, which is a good example of what I would call a stealth nerf. It was hard to notice. Making a change so that a spell doesn't work on players doesn't really sound like "stealth" because it's going to be noticed immediately.

There is little point in us making actual "stealth nerfs" with the intent to deceive, because players are going to figure it out anyway. (The WF one wasn't made recently.) What you seem to be calling "stealth nerfs" are hotfixes or mini patch changes that came without a GC or other blue post. But there are many of these made regularly, probably far more than you realize. Many of them will never affect your character, but some will. Some are made late at night when good developers are asleep or at blues bars.

We haven't yet come up with a great way to communicate changes that come in between patches. For patches we have the patch notes. Sometimes I'll make a blue post and we've tried to get better about documenting hotfixes. We've considered trying to use the launcher or login screen for breaking news or maybe even have a place in game where you can check out recent patch notes. Again, we make a lot of these, and some of them are too trivial for most players to care, and we wouldn't want the list to be so long that players just skip through it.

If you're defining "stealth nerf" as any change that comes in between patches or any nerf in general, well then you're just using your own private use of the term, which is a big problem with game jargon (see examples just as "cleave," "WG," "dead zone" etc.)

Ghostcrawler -- Incoming flame war? Yes, sir!
It's "champing at the bit". The verb is intransitive

Technically you are correct, but the other version is in such widespread use now that it's pretty acceptable... like using the word "data" when you aren't referring to a plural.

Incoming "could care less" vs "couldn't care less" Internet flame war. :)


Ancilorn -- EU Forum Watch
Forum Watch
Vaneras, Slorkuz, Wryxian & Ancilorn

This week on the WoW Europe Community forums:

This week's Poll is up and running, and we're asking you what class was your very first World of Warcraft character?

It is important for every hero and heroine alike to look their utmost. With that in mind, what hairstyles would you like to see in-game?
It's equally important for the NPCs of the world to look their best, so we too ask which NPC has the best taste?

With Arthas' Father, King Terenas, resting peacefully in the Ruins of Lordaeron, people wonder where will the late Arthas Menethil be laid to rest? Somewhere honourable or somewhere hidden from civilisation for the atrocities he partook in? Let us know what you think.

Roleplaying a Gnome with a penchant for Engineering is quite a task. Help Gearsprocket on her quest to 'Roleplay as a Tinker'!

When running heroic instances, some groups prefer to skip optional bosses to get to the end as quickly as possible. But someone has come forward wondering what a good way to convince people to do the extra bosses may be? If you have ideas, then share them with us!

The World of Warcraft is littered with many interesting quest chains. Some full of lore, and others full of fun and interesting mechanics. We want to know what your favourite quest line is.

When playing the game, do you listen to the in-game music, or perhaps some playlists of your own? Let us know what caresses your ear drums whilst you WoW!

So no doubt some of you have had glorious moments in a PvP environment, and no doubt some /facepalm moments, too. This week we want to know more about your epic PvP moments!

Guides, Guides and more Guides!

Sythnui of The Sha'tar has come forward with his first guide – 'Battle-Mage RP'. Check it out here.

Roleplaying a Blood Elf has never been easier, thanks to Soraya and her guide on the subject.

Here's a nice guide for you Battleground folks titled: 'How to: Strand of the Ancients'.

Le??tseddap has written a nice guide for the PvP Twinks of the world and it's a great resource for the XP lockers amongst us - 'Twinking for Dummies'.

Plinni has written an awesome guide with some beginners advice on getting into and getting through the regular dungeons found in the world.


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