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Crackdown 2 will not feature female agents


Admitting that the ability to create and play as a female agent in the first Crackdown was originally intended (but eventually cut), Billy Thomson, Ruffian Games creative director and former lead designer of Crackdown at Realtime Worlds, explained to 1UP that the functionality won't be making an appearance in the sequel either. According to Thomson, it was excluded from the first game due to memory constraints that would've required a "massive reduction" to other parts of the game.

Similar limitations will keep playable female characters out of Crackdown 2 at launch, Thomson claimed. "You've got four players (in cooperative play), and that means every single player can be a different character, and that has to be in memory all the time ... we had to save memory all over the place because we've got so much more content in this game than we had in the first game ... we don't stream." While the studio isn't making any promises about a female agent DLC update, "we never know what happens in the future," teased producer James Cope.

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