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Electronic Arts stable now live on the iPad


As with all of the other approved iPad apps, the full slate of Electronic Arts' iPad titles are now ready to go in the App Store. Mirror's Edge, Tetris and Scrabble are ready for download, as is Command and Conquer: Red Alert and Need for Speed Shift. Those last two are probably the most interesting -- playing an RTS on a larger touchscreen is something that a lot of people have wanted to try for a long time, and Command and Conquer will probably be the biggest budget title of that genre available at launch.

Need for Speed Shift will probably be pretty predictable as an accelerometer racing game, but it is notable for the fact that it's selling at $14.99, significantly higher than even the other iPad titles we've seen so far. C&C and Mirror's Edge are both above $9.99, and Tetris is the only EA app to go below that point, at $7.99. So it looks like EA is starting out pretty aggressive on pricing for the iPad -- we'll have to see how sales go for them at those levels and what happens to those prices after launch.

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