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Find My iPad comes to MobileMe


Find My iPhone, a long-standing feature on MobileMe that allows you to remotely locate a misplaced iPhone via MobileMe's web interface, has been extended to the iPad. Find My iPad has the same features as Find My iPhone, including playing the little sonar sound effect with an onscreen message (in case your iPad falls behind the couch or something). Find My iPad also includes the same Remote Wipe feature as Find My iPhone -- so if your iPad is irretrievably lost, you can remotely vaporize all the data on it, thus ensuring that thieves don't get access to your contacts, credit card info, or embarrassing lolcat pictures in addition to your iPad.

Apple notes that "The Find My iPad feature works best if your iPad includes both Wi-Fi and 3G, but it will also find your Wi-Fi-only iPad when it's connected to a wireless network." Translation: Find My iPad probably isn't going to work very well at all for the Wi-Fi-only models. It'll probably give you a very general idea of your iPad's location on Find My iPad's map, but without GPS capabilities, the Wi-Fi-only iPad will have nowhere near the specificity of the 3G-enabled iPad or iPhone.

Naturally, just like Find My iPhone, Find My iPad requires a $99/year subscription to MobileMe -- though if you're already using the service for your iPhone and/or Macs, there's no extra charge for the new iPad-specific services.

[Via Ars Technica]

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