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First Look: Pianist Pro for the iPad

David Winograd

MooCowMusic, the developer of the iPhone app Pianist, is bringing Pianist Pro (US $9.99 upon release) to the iPad. As Mike Grothaus pointed out in his post on Air Harp, there are lots of musical apps for the iPhone but the screen is too small to make full use of them. There won't be a complete description of this app until the rollout on April 3rd, but what you can see now is really quite impressive.

The keys, in landscape mode, look big enough to actually play and it seems like it has as many features as some electric keyboards. It includes features like dual keyboards for the right and left hands, soft and sustain pedals/keys, multiple instrument types, a drum track accompaniment, and what looks like a lot of other useful features. I'm sure we're already tired of hearing this oft-used phrase, but in this case size matters. You should be able to slide your fingers along the virtual ivories on the iPad's launch day.

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