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Official Netflix app will stream to iPad


Many iPad owners will use their devices to watch television shows and movies. Netflix and ABC want to make that easy with their official iPad apps. And no, this is not an April Fools prank.

Appadvice has posted screenshots and details of how the subscription will work. The app will be free and available at launch on April 3rd, allowing Netflix customers to stream video directly to their iPads. The nice thing is that you can watch a bit of a movie on your computer, and then pick up where you left off on your iPad (and vice versa). You'll also be able to browse and manage your queue from the app.

US television network ABC is also offering an app. This free app gives customers Wi-Fi access to some of their most popular shows, like Lost and Grey's Anatomy. You can even browse the network's weekly and monthly schedule to find just the show you're after.

We've been expecting Netflix to offer something for a while, and the ABC app isn't entirely unexpected either, as the network 's corporate parent's biggest stockholder is someone we all know.

Now if only Hulu would pull the trigger.

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