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Seidio's 3200mAh battery for Nexus One: the results are in

Chris Ziegler

So we topped off the charge on our Seidio 3200mAh battery for the Nexus One shortly after we posted our hands-on and started the long (and we do mean long) process of letting it discharge. Basically, we got right around 30:15 (that's 30 hours, 15 minutes) of what we would consider to be normal use coming off a full charge from a wall outlet -- we had to connect it to our PC a couple times to pull screen shots which automatically starts charging, but it was only connected for perhaps 20 minutes total. Breaking it down, that included about 7:30 of solid, uninterrupted standby while we got some shut-eye and roughly 45 minutes of intense Tower Raiders game play, all on a relatively weak T-Mobile 3G connection. Blueooth, WiFi, and Google Sync were all enabled for the entire time. Granted, we don't do a ton of voice calling, but the display is the real killer on the Nexus One -- and rest assured, we had it on plenty.

By comparison, we typically get around 11 hours on the Nexus One's standard 1400mAh pack with the same usage pattern, so the 30:15 figure falls actually outdoes the 2.3x capacity boost the Seidio cell should offer by a bit. Obviously, your results will vary depending on how you use your phone, but regardless, we can definitely verify that you'll see significantly more life out of a charge using this kit than you will with the phone's OEM battery and we think you'd be able to eke a full day's use out of it no matter how hard you pushed it -- it's really just a question of whether you can tolerate the $70 asking price and the huge soft-touch hump.

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