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The Daily Grind: Have MMOs prompted you to read books?


There's no denying the fact that MMORPGs come with a lot of reading built-in (Exhibit A: the quest text box). But for some folks, they can't get enough of their favorite MMO and look to read about the world elsewhere. Perhaps it's the desire to stay connected with the online world even when you can't be near a computer, or perhaps you want to learn more about the lore and backstory of the places and people you encounter in your daily gaming sessions.

Whatever reason it might be, have MMOs prompted you to pick up and read a book based on the same world? Has an MMO gotten you excited enough about an IP that you've gone back and read novels that the game is based on, such as The Lord of the Rings or Conan the Barbarian? Or did you dive into paperbacks derived from the MMO, like the Warcraft series or the new Star Trek Online novel, The Needs of the Many? Or are you eagerly snatching up books based on upcoming MMOs to tide you over, such as Guild Wars 2's Ghosts of Ascalon and The Old Republic's Fatal Alliance?

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