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Twenty iPad apps you'll want to see


The App Store is live and running with iPad apps right now -- you can download and buy any iPad apps you want, even though most of them are technically "embargoed" until tomorrow morning. There's a lot of amazing stuff out there, but we'll try to focus you as best we can. Here's twenty apps that you won't want to miss in the App Store -- even if you don't buy them for iPad this weekend, you should at least check out the info and screenshots that are now available.

There's more -- much more, and obviously we'll be seeing lots and lots of new titles in the very exciting days to come. But the magical revolution that we've been hearing about for months has begun. When the iPad releases on Saturday, there'll be no shortage of great software to run and browse and play with on it.

Update: Netflix's app is live as well, as is NetNewsWire for iPad, Galcon Fusion, Articles, and Twittelator Pad. Too many good apps!

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