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Xbox Live 12 Month Messenger Gold Pack for less gold

Kevin Kelly

Are you late to the Xbox Live game? If you've been delaying the jump to Gold membership (which you can try for free right now), this might be what you've been waiting for. The kit includes a 12-month Xbox Live gold subscription card (retails for $49.99), the Xbox Live Text Messaging Kit that includes the chatpad and a headset (normally $29.99), and Project Gotham Racing 4 (retails for $19.99). Normally all of that would go for about a hundred bucks, but Amazon has the pack for $52.54 with free shipping (it usually lists for $69.99).

It's a great deal if you're needing to jump back in or renew, and you pick up a game and a chatpad in the process. We wish they'd included something sexier than PGR4, especially because you'd have to be nuts to pick that up for $19.99. But at this price, it's practically a freebie.

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