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April Fools: Use Razer Venom for those extended play sessions


Peripheral manufacturer Razer is taking on the brave new world of "gaming grade stimulant and nutritional supplement." Razer's new product, Venom, can keep gamers awake and going for over 100 hours -- however, if you do "yawn," just refuel with more and you'll be good to do.

If you're into mainlining your stimulants, a three-pack of Venom costs $40 and comes with a gold-plated needle -- apparently, it's reusable and classy. If you're not into needles, there's the wussy option of purchasing for $100 a Venom nebulizer to inhale the product. Not sure if Venom is right for you? Well, listen to what one beta tester said, "If an energy drink gives you wings, then this gives you a scram-jet!" That's endorsement!

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