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Free Realms celebrating one year and ten million players

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Free Realms has a lot to celebrate, and they want to share the festivities with their players. April 28th, 2010 will mark the first birthday of Free Realms, something that's always cause for a party. That's not all, though. Free Realms has also reached a milestone of ten million registered players -- an impressive number by any standard.

With two big events going on, you're going to find all kinds of things going on in game. Beginning in mid-April, keep your eyes peeled for party decorations all over Free Realms. That's your signal that the party has begun and there will be community events, new minigames, and fifteen new birthday quests. If you want your character to be dressed for the party, pick up a party hat and commemorative t-shirt, but don't plan on keeping it spotlessly clean. There is one more event to participate in! Cakenstein, a huge monster made from botched cake recipes, will be rampaging through Free Realms in an attempt to ruin the party, and only a large scale cake fight will stop him.

Finally, it wouldn't be a party in Free Realms without new mounts and pets. This batch includes the original party animal: a Balloon Animal Pet. You can also find Chick and Rabbit pets, Beetle pets, and a Rainbow-Mane Unicorn mount.

If you're worried about all of these new treats breaking your budget, fear not. From now until April 4th (at 11PM Pacific Time), you can redeem your Station Cash cards for double Station Cash. It doesn't matter when you purchased your cards, but if you redeem them in that time period, you'll find double Station Cash! So look out for those decorations, and get ready to party!

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