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Ryzom brings eggs and bunny ears to Atys


Over the years, we have seen Ryzom have its ups and downs. Despite setbacks in the past, the community still remains very strong, supportive and the game is finally receiving a lot of the love that it always should have. New patches, added community web applications, roleplay information stored and organized; all signs that the game is not going anywhere anytime soon. The graphics are still beautiful, the sandbox style gameplay unique and the weather and animal AI systems are something you literally will not find in any other MMORPG.

And now the game has a recurring celebration that kicks off this Easter weekend! Complete with an egg hunt, riddles to be solved, great prizes and even a race of epically cute proportions, this event brings joy to the old and wonder to the new. If you haven't played yet and want to try your hand at surviving Atys, get yourself a 21 day trial.

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