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Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions pre-order gets 4 new costumes, 'signature charge attack'


We may only know about two of the four Spidey settings to be featured in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimension, but that hasn't stopped GameStop from announcing that pre-orders of the game (on any console) will get access to a Cosmic Spider-Man costume (which can be equipped in each of the game's four "universes"). Like in the comics, the extra-superpowered state of Cosmic Spider-Man will enable a "signature charge attack" that's exclusive to his costume, regardless of which world you're Spider-Manning around in.

Since GameStop didn't release an image of the Spidey iteration from its (presumably exclusive) pre-order bonus, we've dropped a picture of the totally rad Cosmic Spider-Man action figure above -- it's gotta look something like that in-game, right? And no, it's not a "doll." It's an action figure.

[Thanks Joshua!]

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