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WRUP: Back to the daily grind edition


Alas, for now that April Fools' is over, we're back to the daily grind of playing more MMOs than is necessarily good for us. (Not that we've consulted a doctor about this -- what if we were told to stop?!) At any rate, the weekend for most is time to kick back, relax, and enjoy some quality gaming time. So what's the Massively crew up to this weekend? A little bit of everything!

  • Beau Hindman (@spouseaggro): I will be playing all sorts of stuff, including Alganon, Mabinogi and getting back into EQ (I started a brand new character for the first time in years.) And, of course, I will be trying to hit 5k coins in my Free Realms coin spin!
  • Brendan Drain (@nyphur): I've gotten back into Runes of Magic lately and am definitely having more fun this time around. So far I've been enjoying the minigames and events a lot.
More games -- as well as some of the team's favorite April Fools' jokes -- after the break.

  • Edward Marshall: I'll be playing Fallen Earth and Real Life. Favorite April Fools' gag -- not because it's all that funny, but they put a huge amount of work into it.
  • Eliot Lefebvre: Having finally caved and bought a PS3, as well as having a weekend to enjoy not traveling, I'll be playing on that and relaxing. When on the computer, I'm going to put in some time on CoH and WoW, and possibly give LotRO a shot for the first much-belated time. As for April Fools' jokes... it's dated, but the best one I've seen is still Blizzard's stand-alone Molten Core game. Especially since that went on to actually happen.
  • Jef Reahard: The usual suspects here: Aion, Age of Conan, and some Fallen Earth dabbling, not necessarily in that order. Also impatiently waiting for my Xsyon pre-order email. As for April Fools' jokes, I find them distasteful to be quite honest, probably because I got excited about World of Starcraft a few years back.
  • Justin Olivetti (@sypster): With any luck, I'm going to be playing "Stay up all night with a newborn," but if not, LotRO with a smattering of DDO for good measure.
  • Kyle Horner (@kylehorner): Lord of the Rings Online and a little Star Trek Online for me this weekend. My Warden is nearly level 25 and I'm really looking forward to getting closer to Moria. Bonus question: Usually, I gotta give it to Blizzard -- but this year the SWTOR Sarlaac Enforcer was pretty inspired. Especially all the videos showing the "classes" abilities.
  • Patrick Mackey: My girlfriend bought me Torchlight, so I'm definitely playing that, and also I really want to play Mount and Blade: Warband. I also need to hook up the 360 and play some Bayonetta, which has been sitting neglected on my shelf for a while. I might actually play some CO. It seems like I find something new on Test every week, and I just can't make enough level 40s to accommodate all my wild findings. I'm pretty boring when it comes to holidays, so this year's is actually my first April Fools' joke told since probably 2003.
  • Rubi Bayer (@Rubi_): Not a lot of gaming this weekend. My sister's flying in to town to spend Easter weekend with the family (yay!!), but I will certainly manage to find the time to farm chocolate bunnies and golden eggs in Guild Wars. I'm going to see about logging some LotRO time with my new kinship too.
  • Shawn Schuster (@SSchuster): I'll be playing some Mount & Blade: Warband, wishing it was an MMO so I could write about it. As for my favorite April Fools' gag, I still say ArenaNet does it best. The stick-figure characters from a few years ago might just take the cake.
  • Seraphina Brennan (@sera_brennan): This weekend is two things... One, my roommate successfully pulled me back into Aion. I do believe this is a bad thing (considering my history with the game) but who knows. Maybe I will be happily surprised at how this game rocks my socks. (Although so far the game has yet to rock my socks. I'm a Elyos chanter now, btw.) But, on Sunday, my roleplaying group is starting up a World of Warcraft RPG campaign. Yes, now we can be incredibly nerdy in the comfort of my living room! Who needs an online connection and thousands of people when you can have dice and a few character sheets? We're doing a Northrend campaign, and I'm really looking forward to it.
Now, readers, what are you playing this weekend?

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