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Amazon deal: Mass Effect 1 and 2 for $50


We know there have already been a couple of Mass Effect 2 discounts worth posting about, but this latest one is for those who need the whole "As The Galaxy Orbits" saga (so far). Amazon is currently bundling Mass Effect 1 and 2 for $50. Let us be as clear as a Drell's memory: if you like sci-fi, drama and shooters (at least, as far as the sequel is concerned), you owe it to yourself to hit the purchase button on this deal with the quickness of being shot through a Mass Relay.

The game of the year contender recently added the Firewalker DLC and will shortly add a new squad mate, Kasumi, to Shepard's Benetton advertisement* of intergalactic brothers and sisters in arms.

*If someone wants to photoshop that, we are totally unopposed.

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