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Bunny hop through our Easter holiday roundup


As Massively readers everywhere recover from the second-greatest candy holiday of the year, many MMOs have also enticed players with virtual sweetness. Easter may not be the most popular of in-game holidays, but there's something very MMO-ish with "collecting" eggs and hunting down giant, man-eating rabbits wherever they trod. Even future MMOs like TERA are eager to get their own virtual bunny event up and running.

Take a gander through our Easter holiday roundup, and let us know what your favorite in-game event is!

Final Fantasy XI: An Egg-hunter Is Hatched
"Initial eggs" are eggs of avian persuasion that have been inscribed with a single letter of the alphabet. During the Egg Hunt, adventurers can receive a random initial egg from the festival moogles once every Vana'dielian day. Collecting and forming certain combinations of initial eggs will garner you event egg-sclusive prizes.

World of Warcraft: Noblegarden 2010

Noblegarden will run this year from Sunday, April 4 (this Sunday) through Sunday, April 11. If you've never done Noblegarden before or only done its fairly low-key, pre-2009 version, it helps to know that Noble Gardener (the holiday's meta) is part of the year-long What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been achievement that rewards the 310% speed Violet Proto-Drake.

Lord of the Rings Online: Spring Festival
Even the most dour dwarf or happy hobbit must take a break now and then from questing for a time of merriment, games and celebration. LotRO players can hop around to this expanded festival, which includes group dancing, a mysterious hedge maze, shrew stomping, food, drink and more! There's a lot of great rewards for the dedicated party-goer, including the opportunity to grab a fish and slap a friend.

Guild Wars: Sweet Treats Weekend

It's Easter time, which translates into Sweet Treats Weekend in Guild Wars. From this past Friday through Sunday, every enemy across the world of Tyria will be randomly dropping sweets in the form of Chocolate Bunnies and Golden Eggs. If you are really determined, take a few whacks at any charmable animals you pass in your travels -- they drop them too.

RuneScape: Egg-streme Management
In this year's Easter holiday event, you'll once again visit Easter Bunny Jr's (EBJ) Egg Plant factory, fix his broken machines, de-funk the Easter Bird and retrain a jobsworth squirrel workforce! EBJ has discovered the joys of having 'face time' with his customers and, so embroiled in customer satisfaction red tape as he is, requires a middle manager to run the entire work-floor production line.

Tales Runner: Easter Event
Easter is a time for coloring eggs and eating giant chocolate rabbits. For online games, its just another excuse to launch a new event! Tales Runner, one of gPotato's most interesting free to play MMOs, is giving out free Chickaroo pets to all players who sign up and level up from April 1st through April 12th, 2010. To nab the pet, players make it to the rank 'Yellow Foot' which shouldn't take long.

Mabinogi: Easter Egg-scavation
Nexon's Mabinogi hopes that your Easter egg hunting skills are strong and sharp, as they invite players to participate in an egg hunt. It turns out that these aren't ordinary eggs, either. Laid by the fabled hens of Erinn, their eggs occasionally come out fossilized. It's these fresh-yet-ancient eggs that demand attention, as players will extract their stony yolk in search of an iconic Easter Egg Capsule.

Florensia: Easter and Hanami Event
In the sea-themed MMO Florensia, the devs are inviting everyone to participate in Hanami and Easter with their special in-game event. As players enjoy the cherry blossom trees, they're encouraged to collect as many Cherry Blossoms as possible, along with rare Dodo Eggs from these odd birds. Another perk of this special holiday is an impressive 50% bump to party XP until the event ends.

Dragon's Call: Do Dragons Lay Eggs?

Guys! Get ready for Easter now! No, not only prepare an empty belly, but also clean your forefinger! Because after you enjoy a heavy meal and share the happy time with your families, lock yourself in your room immediately! Yep, lock it, ignore your yelling mama.

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