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ESRB rates Star Wars: Dark Forces for PS1 Classics re-release

Though we've all played some form of Jedi-centric game throughout the course of our lives, some of our younger readers may have missed out on the ground floor of the Star Wars FPS movement by not checking out the 1996 PlayStation classic, Star Wars: Dark Forces. Fear not -- you won't have to go hunting through pawn shops to get your Kyle Katarn fix. The game recently showed up on the ESRB's list of adjudicated titles, slated to land on the PSOne Classics platform.

We've contacted LucasArts to find out a time frame for the game's arrival on the PSN. As for the new listings for XS Junior League Dodgeball and XS Airboat Racing, we ... man, we just don't know who we'd contact about those.

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