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iPhone OS 4 news coming Apr. 8 [updated]


Hot off the launch of the iPad this past weekend, Apple this morning announced an event at its Cupertino campus unveiling the fourth iteration of the iPhone OS this Thursday, Engadget reports. Other than the cryptic image you see above offering the press a "sneak peek into the future of iPhone OS," details are ... well, non-existent about what will be unveiled. That said, last time Apple held one of these soirées, the company announced in-game purchasing functionality for its developers.

We know there's a ton of functionality for gaming we'd like to see added into the platform (multi-tasking anyone?), but we're more interested in what you want added in the forthcoming update. So we've put together a poll below and encourage those of you who choose the "Other" option to drop your idea in the comments section. Engadget will be liveblogging the event and we'll have all the gaming news rounded up for you when the presser goes down at 1PM ET on April 8 (oh man, that's later this week!).

[Update: Date corrected.]

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