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Lead Game Designer Lee Hammock leaving Fallen Earth

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Fans of Fallen Earth found a startling announcement on the game's site this afternoon, revealing the news that Lead Game Designer Lee Hammock will be leaving the Fallen Earth team: "Though we will miss Lee, this is an exciting opportunity for him to work on a new property that is near and dear to his heart and we are thrilled and blessed to have worked with him over the past four years in shaping the story of Fallen Earth."

The (ex) Beard Man is leaving Icarus to join Gargantuan Studios as their Story Designer, and don't be surprised if the Gargantuan name sounds a bit familiar. They're the ones behind the upcoming Marvel Universe Online MMO, scheduled for release in 2012. (Editor's Note: Gazillion Entertainment's community director, Stephen Reid, would like us to clarify that the Marvel Universe MMO currently has no set release date at this time.)

The Fallen Earth team will continue their push toward Sector Four in Lee's absence, and we join everyone at Icarus in wishing him the best in his new venture. You can read the full announcement on the official site.

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