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Panasonic's waterproof ME550 and ME650 TVs offer optimal tubby time entertainment

Tim Stevens

We don't get many handheld portable TVs here in the US for a variety of reasons, but that doesn't stop us appreciating them from afar. A few weeks ago Panasonic unveiled some new portable Digital Viera TVs that looked great for lounging on the patio with the comfort of some classic Takeshi's Castle reruns, and now the company is upgrading bath time as well with the ME550 and ME650 Vieras. Both offer 5-inch, 480 x 272 LCDs, like their predecessors, but have been given bigger speakers for better audio and boosted 1Seg tuners for better... tuning. Both can record to SDXC cards but only the ME650 has PMP functionality, able to play back audio, video, and still image files from storage. No price on either, but look for these to start hitting Japanese bubble baths next month.

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