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Deja Vu: The Beatles: Rock Band only $29 on Amazon

Whether you're drowning in peripherals or relatively new to the music simulation racket, Amazon's got two options for you to jump into The Beatles: Rock Band. As part of the retailer's Deal of the Day, the -- wait a minute. Have we written this post before? Either they've changed something in the Matrix, or we've totally written this post before. Ah-ha! We knew it -- Amazon is reprising its temporary fire sale on all things Beatles: Rock Band, knocking the price of the core game (on all platforms) down to $28.49.

If you're dying to get your hands on the Premium Bundle's stylish instruments, you can grab the Xbox 360 version for $124.75 or the PS3 version for $134.75. Sorry, Wii owners -- the bundle for your console didn't get encheapened today. We know. Life is super unfair sometimes.

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