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Fable 2 follows the breadcrumbs to Games on Demand

Justin McElroy

You've been able to download Fable 2 through Xbox Live episodically until now, but who has time for all that thumb stick manipulation, button pressing and dashboard navigation? Zeroes, that's who. Starting today, you can buy the game like a sane person: In one big chunk for $20 from Games on Demand. Additionally, Kung Fu Panda is now available for purchase through Games on Demand for $30.

Major Nelson also announced that Fallout 3 is now available on demand in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, leaving India and Japan as the sole holdout territories that can't experience the joy of nuclear devastation with a single button press. Soon, guys. Soon. Add Fable II to your Xbox 360 download queue ($19.99) Add Kung Fu Panda to your Xbox 360 download queue ($29.99)

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