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Hyundai Equus now comes with an iPad


If you're willing to spent 5 grand on an iPad, why not cough up an additional 50 and get one sweet accessory: A Hyundai Equus.

For a limited time, Hyundai is cashing in on the iPad frenzy by offering one to every customer who buys a 2011 Equus. Rather than just tossing it on the back seat, the iPad will contain the car's user manual, which Hyundai Motor America CEO John Krafcik calls, "interactive." There aren't a lot of details on the app (we assume it's an app), but customers will be able to use it to schedule maintenance appointments.

We don't know which model is being offered, so you'll have to call your friendly neighborhood Hyundai dealer to find out. Of course it's free, so you can't really complain. If you get one, please let us know.

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