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Rogers customers get to keep free tethering and get offered a paid nav app

Mel Martin

Our Canadian friends have a couple of new products to look at if they have an iPhone. The first is Rogers Navigator, powered by TeleNav. For $4.99 a month Rogers' iPhone customers get a full featured turn-by-turn solution with spoken instructions.

The app includes real time traffic alerts and rerouting, online pre-planning with the ability to send destinations from the web to your iPhone, iPod integration and an extensive POI database.

The app is similar to the AT&T Navigator app, and has the same feature set.

An even bigger deal is that Rogers has continued its introductory free tethering plan. Rogers customers who subscribe to a data plan of 1 GB or more a month get tethering included at no extra charge. It was expected that Rogers would start charging for tethering, but the company has decided to continue to offer it for free. Are you listening AT&T? Didn't they say many months ago that tethering was coming soon? You can bet it won't be free.

[Thanks to many of our Canadian readers for the tethering info]

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