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Sony: PS3 'purchase intent' nearly doubled since Kevin Butler campaign

Justin McElroy

Like all responsible journalists worth their salt, we're inherently distrustful of advertising and the incredible power it wields over us -- err, rather consumers. But we feel like you deserve to know that there's a special place in our coldly detached hearts for pretend PS3 pitchman Kevin Butler. And we're apparently not alone.

According to what SCEA marketing boss Peter Dille told the MI6 marketing conference in San Francisco last week, purchasing intent for the PS3 is up 36 percent since the "It Only Does Everything" campaign started last year. Now, does the price drop that accompanied the campaign figure into that? Of course. But according to IGN, Dille added, "we know from research that consumers are more educated as well."

It looks like Kevin doesn't need to sweat Craig any longer.

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