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THQ planning big for Natal, but waiting for install base to grow


Speaking to CVG, THQ core games exec Danny Bilson revealed that he's got quite an ambitious idea for Microsoft's upcoming Project Natal peripheral; specifically, he cites plans for a "core game" that leverages Natal's motion-sensing tech "in a really, really cool way." That said, Bilson intimates that the budget for such a game -- which he estimates to be from $30-40 million -- would prevent the game from being released before the Natal install base is large enough to support it. Still, he adds, "The concept I have uses every corner of that tech and maybe in a couple of years we'll do it."

Whatever Bilson's mystery project is, he certainly seems excited by the technology. Just last week, Bilson was talking up another project that THQ plans to announce at E3, which may or may not be the "super awesome" and "physically active" Natal project he told Joystiq about during GDC. THQ was also one of the first companies to reveal it had been working on Natal dev kits when Microsoft first announced the peripheral last year.

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